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The Heritage Museum is always looking for new additions.
Whether it be funding, artifacts, or even knowledge, look no further than to donate to the Museum!

Below lists a few types of articles the Museum would greatly appreciate if they were to come our way.

Things you can donate:


sewing machine
All funds donated to the Heritage Museum are greatly valued. This money goes towards the maintenance and well-being of the Museum. If an individual wishes to contribute, they will receive recognition as well as our greatest appreciation. If you would rather donate within the Museum itself, there happens to be a 'Donations Box.' It is located outside the Peter Colgan Room. Make sure to schedule an appointment with the Museum if you would like to contribute in this fashion. Otherwise, you can utilize this page to donate! Any amount, no matter the quantity, is greatly treasured by the Museum. The Heritage Museum is always looking for new items to add to its vast collection. The Museum is home to numerous historical artifacts of Kings Park. As our collection grows, visitors gain more access to the extensive history of our town. If you are able to contribute an artifact to our vast collection, it would make all the difference. Objects of any kind are accepted. These pieces will be displayed in the Museum for all visitors to see. The Museum is home to an assortment of artifacts representing Kings Park history. While many are physical objects, it also holds documentation pertaining our background. This information is gathered through the knowledge brought fourth by actual people. Whether they be residents of Kings Park or others who have a familiarity with our history, the Museum strongly welcomes all stories and knowledge. What's your story behind Kings Park? Do you have any stories that would be essential to the growth of our heritage? Let us know!
Rather than donating funds and/or items, you may want to consider donating your time. Here at the museum, we welcome anyone eager to help. Whether it be with the maintenance of our Heritage rooms or even giving tours to visitors, your time would be greatly appreciated here at the Museum.

If you would like to make a payment donation,
Make checks payable to the "Kings Park Heritage Museum"

King Park Heritage Museum
99 Old Dock Road
Kings Park, New York

Contact us by email
If you would like to donate an artifact to the museum,
please contact Leo Ostebo at 1-(631)-269-3305
in order to make sure that the item is appropriate
for placement in the school/museum environment.

Contact us by email

If you have any interesting information, stories, or knowledge about the town of Kings Park please call Leo Ostebo at 1-(631)-269-3305 to arrange for an interview with a Heritage Museum Staff Member.

Contact us by email
If you wish to donate your time and volunteer at the Kings Park Heritage Museum, please contact Leo Ostebo at 1-(631)-269-3305.

Contact us by email

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