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Peter Colgan Land

Consists of:
-General Store
-Farming Equipment
-Tools, Vehicles, Museum Store

Smith Room

Consists of:
-Old Kitchens
-China Items
-Old Fashioned Household Appliances
Cusick History Room

Consists of:
-Military History

Hilary Boeheme Room

Consists of:
-Old Fashioned Cameras
-School Toys

Borden Room

Consists of:
-School Items
-Sports Memorabilia

Flynn Family Room

Consists of:
-Fire Department
-Miscellaneous Items

Leo Polaski Room

Consists of:
-Psychiatric Center Artifacts
Lule Medical

Consists of:
-Medical Supplies
-Hospital Equipment
Williams Marine Cove

Consists of:
-Kings Park Maritime Memorabilia

Museum Showcases

Academy Memorial

Wijer Heritage

Nationality of the Month

Rachela Tanzi Education Gallery

Vassallo Aerospace

Vassallo Natural Heritage

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