Museum Showcases

Welcome to the
Heritage Museum Showcases!

This hallway is home to a wide range of historical items. These range from photos of U.S. Military Graduates, to Nationality of the Month, to various environmental exhibits.

The Heritage Hallway exemplifies the surrounding national habitat of Kings Park.

Each neighboring picture on this page shows a different showcase within the Museum.

To get a more in depth look at this Hallway, visit the About the Museum page to schedule an appointment with us.

Academy Memorial


-Academy Memorial: The Academy Memorial features military uniforms and suits. These articles of clothing cover time periods from 1904 to 1996; all representing years of war. The showcase is located in the hallway, across from the Smith Room in the Museum.

-Grumman Bond Vassallo Aero-Space Heritage: The Vassallo Aero-Space showcase features the aerospace heritage of Kings Park. The case illustrates events relating to flight and space pertaining to Kings Park history. These range from photos of airplanes, to replica air crafts, to overhead shots of old Kings Park. The showcase is located in the hallway, across from the Flynn Family Room in the Museum.

-Nationality of the Month: The Nationality of the Month showcase features simply, the nationality of the month that is highlighted in the Museum. Each year, the Museum holds annual 'Heritage Nights.' These include Slavic Night, Italian Night, American Night, and the Jazz Festival. To find out when these will take place, visit the About the Museum page to find more information.

Nationality of the Month