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How can you know where you are going,
if you don't know where you came from?

The idea of having the Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum began after the closing of one of the country's largest, oldest, most medically significant occupational therapy mental hospitals located in Kings Park. With a gathering of some high school students, retired KPHS English/History teacher Leo Ostebo and two other towns' people, the only school community managed museum in the United States is the continuous result of over 25 years of volunteer efforts. There are several plaques and awards that attest to this and to those who have been continually active in volunteering and providing resources, such as money, time, and energy to create this amazing community landmark.

Developed, maintained, and cultivated for educational purposes, the Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum's mission is to preserve the town's rich historic past and educate the youth, the community and the public. This two time National Award winning museum, under the supervision of the KPCSD, has maintained independence by soliciting no funds or work from the school district. Along with Leo, these individuals saved this town's history and heritage and planted deep roots to strengthen the future. For every person inscribed there are 4 - 5 times as many volunteers who have provided numerous helping hands moments. The museum has become an educational path denoting how we arrived at what we are today. May this path always indicate nothing but the best!

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The Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum is housed in the Ralph J. Osgood (RJO) Intermediate School building on the corner of Old Dock Road and Church Street.

The museum mailing and school day entrance address is 99 Old Dock Road, Kings Park NY 11754

The museum building and Heritage Night events entrance is located at 101 Church Street

Hours of Operation

As the museum is under the supervision of the Kings Park Central School District,
during school hours, we kindly ask you to call (631) 269-3305 in advance to book an appointment for your museum tour.

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Museum School Day Hours:
Monday - Friday After 4pm
Tours by appointment only

During school hours we allow adult groups of 10 or fewer only. Children's groups must be accompanied by adults.
Kindly use the RJO Intermediate School entrance at
99 Old Dock Road. Allow an extra few minutes for sign in. Adults please bring picture ID.
Special scheduled tours are also available.

Donation Information

As the museum is under the supervision of the Kings Park Central School District,
it is self-sustaining and not funded by the school district in any manner.
Tours and Heritage Nights are free of charge, however Sponsorships and donations are appreciated.