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A Rare Example of Egyptian-Inspired Art Deco Architecture in Kings Park, NY
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June 16, 2022
Entering the Kings Park Heritage Museum at the RJO Building in Kings Park, NY, the elaborate exterior entry areas are a likely remnant from a design that first received architectural attention from the mid-1800s, and then again into the 1930s, called Egyptian Revival/Art Deco.
Zephaniah Platt makes mark as war patriot
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June 2, 2022
In recognition of the bravery and contribution to the Revolutionary War effort by Zephaniah Platt a marker was dedicated at Smithtown Cemetery where he is buried.
An Account of Dr. Jean Valiquette and Huguette Valiquette at the Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital
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May 7, 2020
An Account of Dr. Jean Valiquette and Huguette Valiquette and Their Experience Living and Working at the Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital
Early 20th Century Farm Life in Kings Park: The Stattel Farm
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April 30, 2019
Like most of Long Island, and certainly Suffolk County, in 1906, Kings Park was a very rural area. A community of small businesses existed near the railroad station, but there were no banks, no fire house and few other amenities associated with an established community.
St. Johnland Kings Park's Suffragette Activist Elizabeth Freeman
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January 10, 2019
In tribute to NYS History month and the 101st anniversary of women suffragists, the Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum would like to recognize Kings Parkís Suffragist Elizabeth Freeman, 1876-1942. Freeman her spent younger years growing up at St. Johnland in Kings Park. She came from England along with her mother, Mary Hall Freeman, her brother, Printerís Union Leader, John Freeman and her sister, renowned artist, Jane Freeman.
Dimensions Of Living: Exhibiting a Sense of Community
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October 4, 2018
The Kings Park Heritage Museum continues to record history thanks to the dedication of founder Leo P. Ostebo
Leo P. Ostebo Wins 2018 AASLH Award of Merit
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June 1, 2018
The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) proudly announces that Leo P. Ostebo is the recipient of an Award of Merit for Curation and Directorship of The Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum.
Greek Heritage Night
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May 19, 2018
The Kings Park Heritage Museum in Kings Park, New York, celebrated Greek Night at the newly renovated RJO Auditorium. It was an incredible evening honoring Greek heritage.
Kings Park museum maven an avid collector
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June 3, 2017
Leo Ostebo founded the King's Park Heritage Museum a quarter-centruy ago. The museum is located in the Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School, and began as a display that now fills 11 former classrooms with more than 4,000 artifacts
A Visit To The Kings Park Heritage Museum
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May 2, 2017
A personal account of a tour of the Kings Park Heritage Museum.
A Description of the Society of St. Johnland in Kings Park
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March 28, 2017
An Historic First-Hand Account by Harperís New Monthly magazine
Superintendentís Highlight of the Week
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February 3, 2017
This week I am highlighting Sam Schultz, KPHS Girls Basketball player, on scoring her 1,000 point and our newly updated and redesigned Kings Park Heritage Museum website!
Kings Park Productions
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January 21, 2016
A group of students covering Kings Park Events
First Electric Piano in Kings Park
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November 5, 2015
This Piano was donted to the Kings Park Heritage Museum instead of the Smithsonian.
Craig Biggio Inducted Into Baseball Hall of Fame
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September 24, 2015
Kings Park Alumnus Inducted into Major League Baseball Hall of Fame
Obadiah Smith House
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July 16, 2011
A hidden historical landmark on St. Johnland Road.
A Kings Park Welcome
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March 21, 2004
The Kings Park Heritage Museum and The Kings Park Chamber of Commerce adopt the Coast Guard Station in neighboring Northport.
How They Worked With Their Hands
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January 19, 2003
Kings Park Farm and Asylum (photo), like may mentally ill hospitals on LI, used Occupational Therapy to treating their patients.
Kings Park Takes A Look At Its Roots
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May 9, 1999
The birth of a museum in a town known as Long Island's North Shore Best Kept Secret.
Kings Park To Preserve Its Heritage
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January 28, 1996
Kings Park has opened its doors to the Kings Park Heritage Museum
St. Johnland By W.A.M.
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December 1, 1864
Muhlenberg's written vision of St. Johnland, 1864